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Widmer's provides pick-up and delivery dry cleaning services to Greater Cincinnati and is a Sanitone Certified Master Dry Cleaner.

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Welcome to the Most Outstanding Service Experience Ever! We have built a successful business on quality service, craftsmanship, and value.

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By referral and direct experience, our customers have come to know that we honor our commitments and deliver results.

Whether you're in a residential or commercial establishment, our truck-mounted, steam-cleaning system can safely and efficiently rid your carpet of dirt and stains.

Please browse our list of services, and then give us a call for your free estimate and consultation.

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Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Upholstery Cleaning Tile & Grout Cleaning Why should you call a professional carpet cleaner? Have confidence in our IIRC Trained and Certified Carpet Cleaning Technicians We offer Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Kingwood, Humble, Atascocita and the Surrounding Houston Area Reasons Why San Antonio Chooses Best Carpet Cleaning in San Antonio, TX Call Us! 210-857-0682 or Schedule Your Cleaning with San Antonio Carpet Cleaning pros Today.

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Upholstery Cleaning Carpet can actually have a positive impact on allergies if proper carpet cleaning is performed.

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Dust mites, mold, mildew, fungi, and allergens are easily and effectively removed with proper carpet cleaning.

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Prior to removal these allergens are trapped out of the respirable breathing zone within the carpet pile fibers.

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Other flooring surfaces allow allergen to become airborne with each footstep.

Coyote Carpet Cleaning uses truck mounted hot water extraction (steam cleaning).

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Industry experts agree this is the preferred method for cleaning carpet.

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Metro Carpet Cleaning is a clean you can trust.

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Depending on your specific carpet rug cleaning needs, rug cleaning professionals will use different carpet rug cleaning methods.

Home & Business Cleaning Carpet Grooming.

Bridgepoint Systems

Carbonated Solutions® of Las Vegas green carpet cleaning solution, NoSoap Series is on the FDA's G.

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list; however, our dedication to Green Carpet Cleaning doesn't stop there.

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We use one-tenth the amount of water during our green carpet cleaning process, ensuring a healthier, Greener home.

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Compare this to Las Vegas steam cleaners which require excessive amounts of water and harsh chemicals.

Many consumers worry about the impact their carpet cleaning technicians are creating on the environment, but IICRC trained professionals are able to keep this impact to a minimum Improper disposal techniques can contaminate groundwater if not disposed of correctly.

Some of these chemicals can also cause health complications, like nausea, dizziness or fatigue, if they are not used correctly during the job.

This is particularly troublesome for children who spend a lot time playing on the floor.

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Many professionals who use green carpet cleaning techniques have received certification through the IICRC and can avoid using these chemicals in an unsafe way.

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Carpet has the ability to trap and hold airborne household volatile organic compounds, as well as chemicals and dirt walked in on your shoes from outside.

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Eventually these chemicals become a hazardous part of house dust along with particles from the carpet fibers themselves.

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We love Real Green Cleaning! We have a dog and need our carpets and furniture cleaned often, it's great to know real green cleaning products are safe for our dog and children.

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Joe is professional and honest.

Thanks for being a company that we can count on! Thank you for a great job.

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The rugs look wonderful- Drydale's is a super carpet cleaner".

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Specializing in environmentally safe cleaning services.

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It keeps the carpet area sanitized for use around children and pets.

Natural Enzymes If you don't already know I own a cleaning business, and I'm always on the lookout for machines that will help my employees get the job done quickly and effectively.

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After all, the more effective the cleaning products I use are, the happier my customers are and that means repeat business.

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Most of the contracts I have are from office buildings rather than domestic, and we had a new contract to do over the weekend.

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I had recently purchased the Bissell based on what I'd seen at a trade show, and thought it would be worth trying.

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It seems I had the right idea because it turns out everyone working on the new contract wanted a turn on this beast of a carpet cleaner.

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Cheap Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast

Carpet , kids and pets are a carpet cleaners best friend.

Anyone who has experience with them knows the types of accidents that can happen.

If you observe that your carpet is rather soiled and that it genuinely obligations the providers of a qualified carpet cleaner, then do not envisage two times and proceed for it.

There are many sculptors doing wonderful things in the world of art, but few can offer the beauty of the mobiles and wind- driven kinetic sculptures of Drew Klotz.

This talented Westonite combines his mechanical genius with an artistic and often comic flair to create ingenious works that are the joy of his patrons.

“You can go back to Drew's work time and again and find more detail, more humor and more beauty,” says a local fan, who owns several of his pieces.

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The steam cleaning process is a deep cleaning process that combines the use of different types of chemicals in combination with a high-pressure blast of hot water and steam.

This removes the dirt as well as grime from different types of materials and surfaces.

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As this process of carpet cleaning is usually thought to be used for cleaning carpets only, so the same process could also be employed for the Upholstery cleaning that includes Mattress Steam Cleaning, Sofa Steam Cleaning and Lounge Steam Cleaning.

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Last but not least, it would be best to have a handy professional carpet cleaner who will do the carpet cleaning services for you on a regular basis.

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In that way, you will not have to bother about cleaning up your carpets and in the end just get frustrated for not having done so well.

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By getting hold of a carpet cleaner you can trust; everything will come easy and in the end, you will have carpets that are refreshing to see and are absolutely clean to your touch.

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Check out Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast's website for further details.

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Bissell Carpet Cleaner Reviews

The most important thing you can do when you first get a carpet cleaner, is read the product manual.

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Though there are some similarities, each brand and model of carpet cleaner varies when it comes to design, set-up, operation and care, and the manufacturer will spell out the best way to use the machine.

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They will also recommend using a particular cleaning solution and though you might get a good cleaning with other brands, for best cleaning results, you should adhere to these instructions.

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The last time I rented a steam cleaner I bought a tiny little bottle of the recommended liquid cleanser to put in it, for over $10, and it didn't finish even half of my office floor so I read the ingredients on the bottle, went to the dollar store, read labels on all the cleaning products and found that dishwashing powder has the same active ingredient.

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I assumed the expensive product was more concentrated and used twice as much of the homemade liquid.

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It worked just fine.

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The large box of dishwashing powder cost me $2 and I had plenty left over for the next time.

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(01/30/2007) Portable hot water extractors have a tank that is filled with water and cleaning solution.

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Some portable machines also have a built-in heater, which can heat the rinse water to high temperatures.

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The portable machine has fairly short hoses.

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So, your professional cleaner has to move the machine with them as they move throughout your house.

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First, the tank on the portable machine is fairly small.

Your carpet cleaning professional will have to refill the tank with clean water and solution and empty the waste tank several times throughout the cleaning.

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The portable hot water extractor usually holds about 10 gallons, which will on average clean 1-2 rooms.

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Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more carpet cleaning and household tips! Carpet manufacturers generally recommend professional cleaning of carpets every 12 to 18 months.

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But if you have indoor pets, track in oily dirt from a garage floor, or find lots of sticky things spilled on your carpet, renting a machine or buying one for interim cleanings makes sense.

If, after several DIY cleanings, the fibers don't seem to be as clean as they once were, you can always call in a pro for a more thorough job.

Before you begin, make sure that you have one or more good fans available so that you can ensure speedy drying even if something goes wrong.

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With properly functioning equipment, the carpet should dry within four or five hours; if it takes more than 24 hours, you risk getting mildew growth in the backing.

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Let it dry thoroughly Many homeowners have found that the low price they saw advertised was not the amount they were charged.

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If you've ever hired a carpet cleaner, you too may have been the victim of false or misleading advertising.

You may have learned the hard way that some carpet cleaners offer a cheap price usually between $9.

95 and $12.

95 per room and then pressure you into paying a lot more once they get inside your home.

 Some of them may even break the law by using illegal bait and switch tactics.


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Managing Fleets For Efficiency, Productivity And Cost Savings

Best Business Phones' customer and professional services are great! Not only are they courteous, they are able to service our office needs in a timely manner so that there is no disruption of business.

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I really appreciate that in some instances they were able to help us remotely, making their service truly incomparable.

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I highly recommend Best Business Phones.

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" West Coast Arborists West coast arborists.

West Coast Arborists Inc.

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West Coast Arborists, Inc.

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He also makes the point that properly managing fleets can actually result in cost savings.

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"For something that's caught early, it pays off in the long run to repair it when you see it," says Russo.

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For example, it's cheaper to send a mobile repair unit to fix a leaking radiator hose than to have an engine overheat and become damaged.

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West Coast Arborists crew at work on Glenwood Rd.

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West Coast Arborists, “Trees in Our City.

” Authorize a contract with West Coast Arborists for tree trimming services of not more than $2,668,750 for two years.

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MORE ARBORISTS LINKS NOTICE OF IRRIGATION CONTROLLER INSTALLATION - For more information, please click here Elenes Tree Service The Tree Master Plan sets out principles and strategies for conserving the existing tree population and provides a framework for sensitively integrating new plantings into the City's historic fabric.

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The Plan defines management approaches to strengthen and sustain the ageing tree population and acknowledges the importance of trees in defining the character of the City and the part they play in enhancing its recreational, aesthetic and cultural value.

The plan is also a proactive way to reduce tree-related problems and beautify Inglewood.

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To reduce maintenance costs in the long run by providing like trees in a similar area.

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To provide trees more adaptable to soil conditions within the City.

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Golden Rain Jacaranda Have a tree board or department.

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Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine

Founded in 1964, the SMA is an organization of municipal arborists and urban foresters.

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Our membership also includes consultants, commercial firms and citizens who actively practice or support some facet of municipal forestry.

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Certified Arborists are individuals who have achieved a level of knowledge in the art and science of tree care through experience and by passing a comprehensive examination developed by some of the nation's leading experts on tree care.

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Certified Arborists must also continue their education to maintain their certification.

Therefore, they are more likely to be up to date on the latest techniques in arboriculture.

Ask for Insurance Proof - Good arborists should have personal and property damage insurance and worker's compensation insurance.

Without insurance, homeowners are liable to pay for any damages that occur.

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If you aren't sure about insurance, contact the insurance company through which the arborist is insured.

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What Is a Certified Arborist? An arborist by definition is an individual who is trained in the art and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining individual trees.

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ISA Arborist Certification is a non-governmental, voluntary process by which individuals can document their base of knowledge.

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It operates without mandate of law and is an internal, self-regulating device administered by the International Society of Arboriculture.

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Certification provides a measurable assessment of an individual's knowledge and competence required to provide proper tree care.

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Certification is not a measure of standards of practice.

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Certification can attest to the tree knowledge of an individual but cannot guarantee or ensure quality performance.


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